What is Dolby Digital?



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First used in cinemas, the Dolby Digital signal information is placed on the film between the sprocket holes of the film and now is the standard format for DVDs.

Dolby Digital has been developed using the latest digital technology. Following the basic theory of the Dolby system, Dolby Digital records, transfers and plays back each channel’s signals with all digital signals. In addition, each channel is recorded independently. Therefore, unlike the conventional analogue Pro Logic system, no signal is pushed into the two channels by matrix treatment. As a result, each channel's divisional characteristics have been enhanced and stable playback has been achieved. Consumer-format Dolby Digital is basically the same as that for theatre use; only the data rate is different.

Dolby AC-3 meanings are 3rd developed for AUDIO CODING form. It was designed as a versatile low bit ratecoder for' Multchannel Digital Audio System'. The name AC-3 is the predecessor to Dolby Digital, today it generally refers to sound system used on some laserdisc players produced prior to the advent of DVD. The use of AC-3 requires a LD with AC-3 RF out and of course the use of an AC-3 amplifier. The AC-3 RF output is a purely digital RF audio output, the signal has to be decoded by a RF to digital decoder before it can be connected to the digital input of a Dolby Digital Amplifier. Some high end amplifiers have a RF decoder input built in to the amplifier if you don't have a laserdisc player you wont need this feature..

The latest version of Dolby Digital is Dolby Digital EX which adds 2 extra rear speakers to your theatre setup this type of system is called a 7.1 system.

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