What is THX Sound?



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THX sound  is like a quality standard proposed by Lucas Film for the optimal playback system of sound effects in either the film studio or the dubbing studio and the theatre. In other words, with this system the sound effects devised by a filmmaker can be played back in any theatre with a certain consistent level of quality maintained. THX is the standard for the sound effects, not for the soundtrack formats as with Dolby Digital and DTS. Therefore, the two standards can be used simultaneously. If THX films recorded using Dolby Digital or DTS are played back with a Dolby Digital or DTS amp that is uses the THX system, the result is even better sound effects.

The consumer-format THX system incorporates the various techniques used in the theatre system so users can enjoy the full cinematic experience in their own home.

History of THX
The first movies were silent, with "talkies* introduced later. Cinemascope and stereo sound effects were subsequently developed, followed by the Dolby system featuring Surround Sound. Unfortunately, the sound systems of movie theatres lagged far behind those of these technologically advanced sound systems.

Lucas Film created a wonderful sound mix in the film "Return of the Jedi' (of the Star Wars series). When the film was tested in an ordinary movie theatre, however, there were some sounds that could not be heard in the theatre but were audible in the dubbing studio. In order to make such sounds audible in the theatre setting as well, THX was developed. The name 'THX' comes from George Lucas' film 'THX 11 38' and the X-over (cross over or crossover frequency filter) of the THX filter developer, Tomlinson Holman.

Configuration of THX
The THX Sound System has a variety of regulations involving the recording studios, playback equipment, theatres' sound system and acoustic conditions, and other factors. Inspections to ensure compliance with these regulations are carried out every 6 months. However, at home, using only the THX processor and speakers for THX, you can enjoy the impact of THX sound. The THX system for home use is designed to be unaffected by the room's acoustical characteristics.


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