What is DTS Surround?



Pictured: Harman Kardon AVR 225 DTS Receiver


Developed by the Digital Theatre Systems Company, DTS was developed for theatre use to play back digitally recorded signals . The digital sound track is recorded not on the film, but is recorded separately on a CD-ROM. The time code is recorded on the film, and playback of sound and images is completely automated.

Introduced in the movie 'Jurassic Park' in 1993, DTS features superior sound quality and reliability, and has expanded to general consumer use.

Consumer-format DTS is basically the same as that for theatre use, but the soundtrack is provided as part of the CD, LD or DVD, A DTS disk looks no different to any other disk. DTS and DTSes is currently the premium format for sound reproduction far superior than Pro-Logic and also slightly better than Dolby Digital.

DTSes is the latest version of the DTS format it adds an extra speaker to the rear of your home theatre setup. Called a 6.1 setup it is compatible with the existing 5.1 media, it gets the sound for the 6th speaker by matrixing the two rear speakers creating a rear centre speaker channel.


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