Wabi Message Bear



Pictured above; 3 Wabi message bears


With Toys getting high tech from robotic pets and more advanced video games one new product has hit the market in the shape of a very talkative and cute teddy bear.

The Wabi bear is a teddy bear which enable parents and loved ones to remotely communicate with a child in their own voice or by sending an unlimited variety of content in the form of stories, lullabies, nursery rhymes, songs and educational games.

The primary target market consists of 19 million children aged 2 to 7 years old. The initial product using 900 MHz wireless technology allows Wabi to deliver messages and content with 100% reliability and security. Wabi connects people in unique, playful and memorable ways to each other. In 1985 Wabi's founders introduced the single most successful Teddy Bear in history with the launch of Teddy Ruxpin. While Teddy Ruxpin introduced at $70, sold over 5 million bears, the Wabi founders believe that Wabi Bear represents an even greater potential.

Teddy Ruxpin accepted cassette tapes with Teddy Ruxpin stories on them this allowed his mouth to move with the dialogue, in contrast this new bear has no moving parts in an attempt to cut product cost and improve reliability. When a family member or friend want to leave a message for the child's bear they ring a number punch in the bears code number and leave the message. The bear giggles when he gets a message and all the child has to do is press his paw to hear the message.

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