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The AudioTron by Turtle Beach represents a new generation of home entertainment devices--a "smart stereo component" that takes full advantage of the power and convenience of home networking, yet fits right in with the rest of your home entertainment system.

AudioTron uses a PC network connection to play digital music files stored on a PC's hard drive or streaming audio from Internet radio broadcasts--you don't have to be in front of your PC to enjoy the benefits of your digital music library. Storing music on your PC makes it easy to manage your music collection, create custom playlists, and select songs without having to search through a pile of CDs, effectively transforming your PC into a powerful jukebox with thousands of songs. Best of all, by installing several AudioTron players throughout your home, several users can simultaneously listen to Internet radio broadcasts or play different songs from the same song library, making the entire music collection accessible to the whole family.

The Ethernet Digital Music player lets you enjoy the digital audio you have stored on your computer in MP3, Windows Media (WMA) and WAV formats through your conventional stereo system. The player streams digital audio over an Ethernet or HPNA network and supports music libraries of more than 30,000 songs. This lets you consolidate your CD and MP3 collection into a single digital music library on your networked PCs. Since it works through your stereo, the player is also equipped to optimize the digital sound via analog and digital optical S/PDIF audio outputs, for potential audiophile music quality. And it fits right in to the rest of your rack, with familiar controls including random play, repeat play and song grouping.

The device also comes with an integrated Web server, controlled by your PC control via its Web browser. You can also play Internet radio streaming audio in MP3 and Windows Media formats. The included remote control lets you assign up to 20 preset buttons for instantly accessing your favorite songs and Internet radio stations.

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