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The amount of USB devices hitting the market at the moment is enormous and they keep getting better and better one of the most useful USB devices was the memory key ring that gave the user a range of memory sizes straight on their key ring. Now a company has come up with a device just as useful that gives you memory built into a stylish watch.

The Laks USB Memory Watch has a built-in USB cable and can transfer files to and from most computer operating systems. The USB cable is cleverly stored in the watch band and the USB connector tucks conveniently into the band. There is also a LED indicator light at the nine o'clock position that indicates the device status. The watch is surprisingly sleek lightweight and is not bulky. The band is comfortable and very flexible.

The watch is available in memory sizes ranging from 32 Mb to 256 Mb. It comes with a driver CD that allows it to be used an various operating systems from windows 98 to XP and some Linux and Mac systems. also included is a USB extension cable.

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