Mercedes-Benz Active Light System



Pictured above; Mercedes E class headlamp


A Mercedes-Benz featuring bi-xenon headlamps with the sophisticated Active Light System, which follow the movements of the steering wheel to enhance a driver's range of vision when cornering at night, has recently been released.
The active cornering headlamp system is set to enhance night-driving safety and is now available as an option on the popular E-Class sedan and the all-new E-Class estate.
The Active Light System, which is based on the bi-xenon headlamps used in the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, enables the headlamps to follow the direction in which the driver is steering, swiveling promptly in the appropriate direction as soon as the driver enters a bend and improving road illumination by up to 90 percent as a result. The illumination range of the dipped beam headlamp on entering a 190-metre radius bend, normally around 30 meters, is extended by 25 meters if this new headlamp technology is fitted. This matching of light distribution to steering angle means that the driver gets an early view into the bend and can adapt his or her driving accordingly.
The Active Light System operates in both low and main-beam mode and continuously adapts to the speed of the vehicle at all times. In other words, the headlamps follow steering wheel movements almost instantly when the vehicle is traveling at high speed, but less swiftly when the car is proceeding at a slower rate, thus ensuring that the light is distributed precisely as the driver requires.
The Active Light System is controlled by a microprocessor integrated in the car's electronic data network, which means that it is continuously supplied with real-time information from the steering angle and road speed sensors.
Dynamic headlamp range adjustment - a standard feature of Mercedes-Benz models equipped with bi-xenon headlamps - also works with the new cornering headlamp system in order to prevent oncoming drivers from being dazzled. Controlled by sensors, this system detects all the movements of the vehicle body and adjusts the headlamp settings accordingly.

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Did You Know?

The 1948 Tucker Torpedo used a central headlamp that was able to move in relation to the driving wheels, only 50 cars were built before the company closed operations.



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