Lexus LS430



Pictured above; Lexus LS430


Lexus has recently launched the fifth version of its flagship LS430 sedan, the new Lexus LS430 sedan is comprehensively equipped with leading edge technology to improve active and passive safety, performance and driver comfort.

New features include a six-speed transmission with sequential function, dual SRS knee airbags and a new headlamp system to provide improved illumination on winding roads.

The LS430 also has a state-of-the-art Active Cruise Control which uses laser technology to provide constant vehicle-to-vehicle spacing in motorway driving.

Enhanced LS430 equipment levels include an 11-speaker Mark Levinson audio as standard equipment, a new generation satellite navigation system and a function that supports compatible Bluetooth-type mobile phones.

The LS430 has two parking assist systems - clearance sonar on the four corners of the vehicle and the front and rear bumper; and the new Lexus rear-view camera.

LS430ís rear-view camera is located in the centre of the rear licence-plate garnish and is linked to the on-board EMV satellite navigation screen. It operates when reverse gear is selected.

Other luxury features include power-operated rear seats with memory, rear seat massage system, 11-speaker audio system and power-operated rear sunshade.

The rear sunshade automatically retracts when reverse gear is selected - to maximise vision.

The Lexus 03 satellite navigation system provides a choice of screen background and screen menu colours, and more powerful functions for showing street names and compass directions.

The new LS430 also marks the introduction in the Lexus range of the Bluetooth wireless data system, for hands-free mobile telephone communication.

The Bluetooth wireless data system means compatible telephones can be linked with the touch screen and/or steering wheel controls to provide automatic hands-free calling eliminating the need for car phone kit installation. You don't even have to take your phone out of your pocket.

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